Marumo Japanese Kitchen, Leeming

You can’t go wrong with a restaurant that has a 100% score on Urbanspoon (although their rating has inexplicably dropped to 97% recently).

Their perfect Urbanspoon score reflects the meal I had there, and I feel no need to add any more wordy commentary about the quality of the food or the service there. Instead, this post will be a simple gallery of the menu we were served, and you will have to imagine for yourself the heady mutterings of “ohmygodthisissogood”, the sound of eager spoons desperately scraping down the sides of bowls, and the restraint that each photo was taken with which resulted in a 10-second delay of devouring what was placed on the table.

Our group of 12 had a 8-course degustation meal (with 2 additional surprise freebies), and I’m pretty sure that apart from some unfinished rice, every remnant of sauce or vinaigrette was downed with a flourish, and even though by the end of the night I was stuffed from eating more meat than I had consumed the whole week before, I would have gladly downed another 8 dishes.

Omakase Menu ($49):

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Kaki Katsu – Crumbed Rock Oyster, Tobiko & Shichimi Lime Mayo

Tataki – Seared Harvey Scotch, garlic chips, grated daikon, ginger & ponzu vinaigrette


Kamo Filo – Kellyville duck breast, caramelized onion & sweet miso sauce

Sashimi – Freo kingfish, Tasmanian salmon and Hokkaido scallops

Sushi – Lightly torched Tasmanian Salmon belly sushi roll with unagi kabayaki

Yakimono – Teppanyaki gilled Harvey tenderloin, assorted mushroom & nori oil

Matcha Brulee – Green tea creme brulee

If the photos are not convincing enough: Each piece of produce is treated with utmost respect and cooked to pillowy perfection, none of the dishes could be faulted for having too much or too little seasoning, and there was a delicate balance of flavour that reflected the chef’s keen understanding and experience of Japanese cuisine. Even the garnishes were lovingly produced, all the more impressive considering there’s only ONE chef in the kitchen pumping every dish out.

As an aspiring cook with my own food dream, I am in absolute awe of him, and can’t help but be a little envious. It’s the concept of the home-cooked meal around the table taken to a whole other level – he basically gets to cook what he wants every night, for a set group of people, without feeling the stress of being in a professional kitchen. I left the meal feeling absolutely inspired not just to cook a specific dish (I absolutely must try replicating that matcha creme brulee), but with that warm fuzzy feeling of what food around the table should actually be all about.

Food – 10/10, Service/Ambience – NA (Their service and set-up is simple and unpretentious, and trying to score it according to how I usually would detract from the overall quality of the place.)

Shop 2, Beasley Rd

(08) 9310 8255

Open for dinner from Tuesday to Sunday, usual menu price is $35 with an additional $1.50 for corkage or green tea. Bookings only - 

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5 thoughts on “Marumo Japanese Kitchen, Leeming

  1. Hi Stef. Definitely agree that the food is awesome. Not to mention the copious amounts of laughter beyond had that night. My minor quibble is that I thought the duck filo too high on filo and not enough on duck. Otherwise I happily demolished eveything except perhaps the soy sauce. And yes – do pursue you food dream. You’re already awesome!

  2. This place is incredible. Went here a few months ago and informed them of my dietary requirements. They were so great as they were able to accommodate my needs of gluten and lactose free dishes. Have made a booking for a special occasion for next month. I know that it will be just as good as the last time :)

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