Picco’s Kitchen, Maylands


The perfect suburbian cafe still remains a rare gem in Perth. The average ones usually dish up typical “Big Breakfast” sets, with mostly disappointing poached eggs and overcooked bacon. Others might serve up a well-cooked meal well worth its price, but with little thought put into the ambience and overall feel of the place.

Which is why Picco’s Kitchen is such a great find. They hit all the right spots in serving up wholesome and delicious food, and finish it off with a wonderful feeling of unpretentiousness and warmth. My only regret is that I don’t live on the same street it’s on.

It was a little quiet when I visited on a weekday morning, with mostly older folks dropping by (and an adorable boy spending the day with his granddad). It’s a little far off from the main Maylands cafe area where Mrs. S and Chapels is, so when we pull up in front of what looks like your average row of suburb shops after travelling for 45 minutes, there’s a tiny moment of doubt whether we’ve got the right place.

I was there with C, who’s the smallest eater I know, so we ended up sharing the House-smoked Salmon over a Lemon and Capers Rosti topped with hollaindaise and greens ($24). A little pricey for breakfast, but I wasn’t complaining – the serve of salmon was generous, and it had a nice subtle smokey flavour through it (although I’d have liked it if it had been smoked/cure just a wee bit less). Their rosti tasted great – but didn’t have the crispy fried goodness I expected from a rosti, and had more of a Spanish omelette quality to it. The textural quality of the dish could have been improved on, but both C and I were more than contented.



We also had an Old Fashioned Custard Tart ($8.50), which was a good sharing size with a nice buttery pastry (although I’d have appreciated it being a little more crumbly) and a bruleed top.

My Skinny Latte was nice enough. Their coffee (Rubra beans) seem to have a good reputation on Urbanspoon, but it nothing particularly memorable for me – which isn’t a fault at all, as this is mostly because I’ve become rather spoiled from living 3 minutes away from The Roastery’s excellent coffees.

On hindsight, I would have loved to be able to sample more of their Lunch and Dinner menu, which rotates daily, and from what I could see written on their Specials board, looked seasonal and inventive.

Overall, the place is a total charm, with attentive and genuine staff who seem to love what they’re doing, and a warm cosy interior that was perfect for a gloomy overcast morning like today. Picco’s Kitchen is one of those places that you hope will never get too crowded so it remains your special spot – although that won’t be possible anymore what with being reviewed on STM a few days ago.

Well worth the 45 minute drive, and the perfect place for the first review on this humble but ambitious blog. I’ll definitely be back again and again and again to see what else these guys can come up with.


Food/Drinks – 7/10, Service/Ambience – 9/10

Picco’s Kitchen

38 Peninsula Road, Maylands

Open for Breakfast and Lunch Mon-Sun, and Dinners Thurs – Sat

Piccos Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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